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Full Shower Refurbishment – Hamilton

Restored to as new condition

We have a groovy lime green coloured shower that we absolutely love. Over time the shower glass went cloudy, the silicone went black and mouldy, and some of the grout started coming out. We were disappointed that it hasn’t stayed pristine because we are quite careful with using and cleaning it.

The Problem

We called in GroutPro who told us that all showers, particularly tiled ones, require ongoing maintenance – not necessarily a whole lot, but definitely more than we were doing. The warm, wet, organics-laden environment of a shower is an ideal place for mould to grow, and mineral deposits in the water can etch the tiles and glass.

The Solution

We decided on a full cosmetic refurbishment of our lovely shower and GroutPro gave it the works:

  • Cleaned down the entire shower to remove all organic matter, oils, mould, and mineral deposits, with specialised equipment and product.
  • Removed the cement based grout from the base and replaced it with waterproof epoxy grout that would last much longer.
  • Coloursealed the grout on the walls to look like new and protect the surface from future staining.
  • Removed and replaced all the silicone within the alcove.
  • Restored clarity to the glass screen by removing the mineral deposits.

The result is fabulous and the entire process only took a couple of days.  The shower looks as good as new and is better protected now than the day it was first built.

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