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Silicone sealant is applied at the joints between the floor and walls, typically in areas such as your shower, basins, and around kitchen cabinetry as a waterproof seal. This is to allow for movement in the building to prevent the tiles from cracking, and to reduce any water from seeping into the structure of the house and causing water damage. Over time, this silicone sealant can become old and wear out, which could expose some gaps and cracks for water to escape through. This can also happen if the silicone sealant is applied incorrectly. At GroutPro, we specialise in silicone sealant application, removal, and replacement of old silicone sealants across residential and commercial applications. Our products are designed for wet areas, contain mould inhibitors, come in a range of colours, and are all environmentally friendly. Click the button below to request a no-obligation free quote.

Why Choose Us for Silicone Removal & Replacement?

GroutPro is a trusted solution for many households with silicone removal & replacement services across New Zealand.

Silicone Removal & Replacement Experts

It’s not only important to know why you need silicone to be applied in key areas of your house, but also who’s installing it for you. Poorly applied silicone still allows water to seep into areas it shouldn’t be, and even cause the silicone to peel. GroutPro has dedicated experts to ensure a swift and efficient job is done.

High-Quality Silicone Sealants

At Grout Pro, we use eco-friendly, mould-inhibiting silicone sealants available in a range of colours to help improve the look of your showers, basins, baths, and any other areas of application where needed.

Free Quotation

No matter the damage or situation, you can book an appointment for a no-obligation free quote to assess any silicone sealant damages in order for us to carry out the best service for you.

Silicone Removal & Replacement Process

Here’s what you can expect from GroutPro for any of the silicone sealant application or replacement procedures:

Initial Assessment

One of our designated GroutPro sealant application and replacement specialists will be dispatched to your location to conduct an initial assessment in order to carry out the right procedure.

Removal & Preparation

The removal of the old sealant will be done in a safe manner, being careful not to cause any damage to the fixtures. All remains of the old sealant must be removed to ensure the new silicone will stick properly.

Application & Post-Service Check

Our experts will carefully apply the new sealant and ensure that the sealant sets properly and that every key area is properly covered. We will also get our clients to inspect the application in order to ensure it’s up to their standards.

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Why Work with GroutPro?

GroutPro’s unique restoration process can transform your bathroom, kitchen or outdoor area. We can restore your spaces, from tile and grout cleaning to silicone replacement and shower glass restoration.

Taking these simple steps not only creates a more hygienic environment, but it could also save you thousands in the long run and can even delay the need for bathroom renovations.

GroutPro is an experienced bathroom restoration company with decades of experience under our belts. Our restoration experts have helped countless homeowners. We offer tile and grout cleaning in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton and all across New Zealand.

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  • How do I replace the silicone in my shower?

    Silicone is used in tiled showers to provide a flexible joint between the floor and the walls, and sometimes the glass panels. It breaks down with time and is subject to going mouldy due to the high moisture levels in a shower. Typically, silicone may last a couple of years in a new shower but needs to be replaced regularly in older showers.

    Removing and replacing silicone is a specialist job requiring very sharp blades. There is serious risk of damaging waterproofing membranes and scratching surfaces if not done correctly. GroutPro replaces dozens of showers worth of silicone every day so give us a call to get this job done properly.

  • How long does silicone stay mould free in a shower?

    There is no easy answer to this question as it comes down to your daily maintenance process. Moisture, heat, and soap residue are what mould thrives on, so in order to minimise growth we recommend ensuring a good extractor fan is used during showering, and that you wipe your shower dry after each use. This removes the conditions that mould needs to grow.

    When a shower is first built, everything is new, clean, and dry, so there are no mould spores in the environment to contaminate the new silicone. The shower can often stay mould free for a number of years if it is well maintained. Over those years however, mould spores will grow in the damp location between the tiles and the waterproofing membrane, and it is impossible to remove it fully when silicone is replaced as part of a shower restoration.  This means that subsequent silicone replacements may not stay mould free for as long as the original installation.

    We have found that silicone in a shower typically requires replacement every couple of years, but can require more frequent attention.

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