Loft & Attic Ladder Installation Services

Lofts (especially above the garage) can be a very handy space for stowing away garage items. However, they can be difficult to access, especially with a poorly installed loft or attic ladder. GaragePro is here to help you with professional loft or attic ladder installations for households across New Zealand. Be assured that your loft and attic ladder installations are in the hands of New Zealand’s best installation experts. Request for a no-obligation free quote to assess if your garage space is able to accommodate a loft or attic ladder.

Our Loft/Attic Ladders

Having easy access to your roof space is important. That’s why our New Zealand designed Loft/Attic ladders from Sellwood are designed to provide you with safer and more convenient access to your garage loft or attic spaces. What sets Sellwood ladders apart is the insulated hatch door, which keeps your home energy efficient. Additionally, the ladder is designed in such a way that it won’t come crashing down on you when you open the hatch. Choose Sellwood ladders from GaragePro for a smart and safe solution to accessing your roof space.

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Why Should You Choose GaragePro?

At GaragePro, we can customise a range of garage door insulation solutions to suit your unique circumstances, ensuring that your home is as clean and secure as possible. By choosing Garage Pro, you’ll benefit from:

  • Insulation with the highest thermal rating on the market
  • Products containing no harsh chemicals (unlike other glass-fibre based products)
  • Materials manufactured right here in New Zealand with 100% fully recyclable polyester
  • Flame retardant solutions
  • Service anywhere in New Zealand. We install insulation for garage doors in Christchurch, Auckland, and all across the country

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  • Do I need to already have a loft hatch in my ceiling?

    Not necessarily but this does make the installation easier. An existing hatch usually ensures there is enough height in the ceiling space to accommodate a loft ladder.

  • Are your ladders wooden or metal?

    We have chosen Sellwood's timber ladder range as they are much more comfortable to climb than aluminium.

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