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For many Kiwi families, the garage is the unofficial home of outdoor gear, DIY tools and miscellaneous household items. The result? A disorganised and cluttered space, where it’s impossible to find whatever you’re looking for… let alone fit the car.

This is where storage shelving and storage can help. Whether it’s cabinets, racks or benches, GaragePro can help you turn your garage into a functional space designed with intention—adding value to your home in the process.

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Types of Garage Storage Systems

Garages offer a whole lot of potential; there are many ways you can use your newfound space. Do you want to convert it into a playroom for the kids? How much tool storage do you need? Maybe you’re after a new area to work on projects, or indulge your green thumb. Just as there are uses for this room of the house, there are also many types of storage solutions available. It’s important to find the right garage storage solution for your current and future needs. Flexibility is key here: as your family grows, so will your requirements and storage needs.

To find the perfect garage storage system, speak to a garage renovation specialist at GaragePro and learn more about the services we offer.

Garage Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, and GaragePro has access to an extensive range for you to choose from. Whether you’re considering wall mounted or freestanding cabinets, you can mix and match to create a layout suited to your needs. We have partnered with Gladiator Garage and Mancave Direct, who provide high quality cabinets to tidy up your garage space.

Overhead Storage

Garages are often known for being the dumping ground for lesser used items like Christmas decorations, old memorabilia, and that pottery making kit you haven’t touched in five years. What if we told you that they do belong in the garage—just in a more efficient spot than they are now! Overhead storage is a practical and compact way to store seasonal items, so long as there’s still room to safely move beneath the items. Storing items like bicycles, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and surfboards in overhead racks can also free up valuable floor space.

Garage Workbench

A garage workbench will finally give you the space to work on that project you’ve been planning—so it’s important to create a workspace to suit your needs and hobbies. A garage workbench is also a great option for unloading temporary items from the overhead or cabinet storage, looking after plants and gardening, or cleaning and fixing tools.

Garage Shelving

Garage shelving is a versatile storage option, keeping your tools and supplies protected and organised. In addition, good garage shelving should be able to hold weight, while being easy to clean. Many people opt for a ventilated solution for this reason; gravel and dirt can land on the floor and be swept away, while gear and gardening equipment can rest on the shelves above. Some also opt for wall-mounted hook systems like the GearWall, which allow you to hang items absolutely anywhere.

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Why work with GaragePro?

If the idea of a dedicated space for sports gear, garden furniture and all your other odds and ends appeals to you, speak to the GaragePro team. As a reliable and trusted partner of reputable storage solution providers, we can connect you with high-quality storage solutions. GaragePro can help you install everything from garage carpet to a cabinet to cupboards, to workbenches, shelving and wall-mounted hook systems. Being made from premium steel, you’ll get years of trouble-free service with our products.

GaragePro can help you turn your garage into a warmer, safer and cosier space for the whole family—whether you’re looking to create a home gym, laundry room, home cinema, man cave or simply somewhere to park the car. View our case studies here.

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  • Do the cabinets come pre-assembled?

    The Gladiator range of cabinetry comes flat-packed, but the Mancave Direct range is fully welded.

    Either way we can provide a quote to fully install your new storage system.

  • What can I hang on my garage wall?

    Pretty much anything. Our wall mounted hook and basket systems can carry a lot of weight so even bikes can hang on them.

    We have some neat packs of various hooks and baskets for particular applications such as gardening implements, sports gear, etc.

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