Damaged Tile Repair Services

Cracked, loose or damaged tiles? GroutPro specializes in breathing new life into your damaged tiles. With years of expertise in addressing everything from minor chips to extensive cracks, our skilled team ensures your tiles regain their pristine look and durability. Serving homeowners and businesses across the nation, GroutPro is a damaged tile repair specialist you can trust.

Why Choose Our Damaged Tile Repair Services?

GroutPro is a trusted solution for many households when it comes to damaged tile repairs. We have what it takes to ensure your tiles are in good hands.

Damaged Tile Repair Experts

Our team of professional tile repair experts brings years of experience in addressing all types of tile damages – from chips to cracks and loose tiles. We’re the experts for removing and replacing your damaged floor tiles.

Why Engage a Tile Cleaning Specialist?

Whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, or natural stone tiles, we’ve got you covered.

Free Quotation

No matter the damage or situation, you can book an appointment for a no-obligation free quote to assess any tile damages in order for us to carry out the best service for you.

Types of Damaged Tiles

Tiles can become damaged in a number of ways: from poor initial installation, movement in the structure, and dropped items . We can often disguise minor damage, and if damaged beyond repair, we can remove and replace with a new spare tile. Here are some types of tile damage you’ll typically come across:

Cracked or Chipped Tiles

Cracked tiles typically occur due to the impact of heavy objects such as pots and cans being dropped on the tiles, the usage of low-quality tiles, improper subfloor installation, incorrect cutting and handling during installation, variations in environmental conditions, and so on.

Loose Tiles

Loose floor tiles can be a result of improper adhesive application, moisture intrusion, or temperature fluctuations. These unstable tiles not only affect aesthetics but pose safety risks as they could be prone to cracking if weight and pressure are excessively added to the loose side. Addressing the issue involves reapplying a suitable adhesive or addressing underlying moisture problems, ensuring a flat, secure, and long-lasting tiled surface.

Buckled Tiles

Buckled tiles arise from temperature shifts, moisture, or improper installation, causing the tiles to push against one another, leading to unsightly “tenting” on floors. It’s essential to address the root cause, whether it’s subfloor moisture or insufficient tile expansion joints, and then relay the tiles securely, ensuring a smooth and resilient surface.

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Why Work with GroutPro?

GroutPro’s unique restoration process can transform your bathroom, kitchen or outdoor area. We can restore your spaces, from tile and grout cleaning to silicone replacement and shower glass restoration.

Taking these simple steps not only creates a more hygienic environment, but it could also save you thousands in the long run and can even delay the need for bathroom renovations.

GroutPro is an experienced bathroom restoration company with decades of experience under our belts. Our restoration experts have helped countless homeowners. We offer tile and grout cleaning in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton and all across New Zealand.

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  • Can you repair a leaking shower?

    This depends on the leak and the construction of the shower.

    If a shower is leaking through a wall into an adjacent room, there is a failure with the waterproofing membrane behind the tiles. This cannot be repaired without a major deconstruction of the shower and can be very costly. Simply replacing failed grout and silicone, which may look like it is waterproofed the area, is not a solution that can be guaranteed.

  • What should I clean my grout with?

    Unless your grout has been sealed properly there is nothing that will keep it clean. Many people resort to bleach or even acids to try and remove stains which will, in fact, damage the grout. GroutPro specialises in sealing the grout so that mild eco-friendly cleaners are all that is needed to keep it looking in tip top condition. If your grout is already stained we can recolour it and seal it with our Colourseal sealer.

  • How long does silicone stay mould free in a shower?

    There is no easy answer to this question as it comes down to your daily maintenance process. Moisture, heat, and soap residue are what mould thrives on, so in order to minimise growth we recommend ensuring a good extractor fan is used during showering, and that you wipe your shower dry after each use. This removes the conditions that mould needs to grow.
    We have found that silicone in a shower typically requires replacement every couple of years.

  • What kind of grout is best for a wet area such as a shower?

    Epoxy grout is recommended in wet areas as it is waterproof and much more resistant to staining. We regrout shower bases with Epoxy to provide the longest lasting solution. Grout on shower walls can be protected using our Colourseal grout sealer, which provides similar protection to Epoxy grout.

  • Can you fix a broken tile?

    This really depends on the extent of the damage. Small chips and cracks can be disguised so they are much less noticeable, but larger damage requires us to replace the tile.

  • Why can’t I get the water marks off my shower glass?

    Water spotting is caused my minerals such as calcium, lime, and iron in the water supply fusing to the microscopic pores of the glass. This happens when the water droplets are left on the glass after showering – the water evaporates leaving the minerals. Over time these minerals block the clarity of the glass. Specialist abrasive products (and a lot of elbow grease) are required to remove these minerals without damaging the glass. In most cases we can restore 80%-90% of the clarity, but occasionally the glass is unable to be restored.
    The best way to minimise water marks is to dry the glass after each use.

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