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Typical Shower Restoration


Tenanted properties are often subjected to significant wear and tear with poor cleaning and maintenance and this property was no different.

The tiled shower had sand-based grout which is very porous allowing moisture, dirt, and bacteria to penetrate deep within the grout. This caused mould to form discolouring and undermining the grout causing it to crack and crumble resulting in a leaky shower.

Our team whipped in there between tenants to give the bathroom a facelift and added protection against future damage, safeguarding the client’s investment property for the future.

Using the unique GroutPro shower restoration process we cleaned, repaired, and sealed the wall grout and replaced the grout in the shower base with exceptionally durable Epoxy to provide long-lasting results. We buffed and polished the shower glass to remove stubborn watermarks caused by mineral deposits in the water, and then added a protective coating to keep it looking as good as new.

They were so happy with the results!

The Progroup - “making the place you live, a place you love.”

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