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Welcome to GaragePro, Canterbury’s leading provider of high-quality garage carpet. We offer cost-effective and affordable garage carpet of the highest quality wherever you are in Canterbury. Whether you use your garage for parking, storage, or as a workshop, our premium garage carpet and the quality workmanship from our garage carpet experts are designed to transform your garage space to meet your living needs.

Why Choose Garage Carpet?

Convert your garage into a practical area with our top-tier garage carpet, ensuring a quick, simple, and, most importantly, stress-free installation process. Whether you aim to set up a home gym or workshop or improve the look of your garage, our carpet provides the ideal solution. Here’s why garage carpet is a great choice for your space:

Durability & Protection

Our garage carpet is built to withstand heavy traffic, resist stains, and support the weight of vehicles without damage. It safeguards your garage floor against oil spills, dirt, and everyday wear and tear.

Comfort and Insulation

Experience a more comfortable and warmer garage environment. Our garage carpet offers exceptional insulation, ensuring your garage remains usable year-round, regardless of the weather.

Easy Maintenance

Our garage carpet requires minimal upkeep, making it easy to clean and maintain. Vacuum or occasionally shampoo it for a fresh, clean appearance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Garage carpet will enhance and add value to your home. Additionally, garage carpet can turn your garage into an extension of your home’s living area, making it a comfortable and practical space for activities such as a kids’ playroom, gym, or hobby area.

Safety Oriented

Our garage carpet is manufactured with practicality and safety in mind. It is slip-resistant, minimising the risk of accidents. It also offers cushioning, which can help prevent injuries if tools or other heavy items are dropped.

Premium & Affordable Garage Carpet Canterbury

GaragePro’s UV-protected Jazz 5000 UV garage carpet is available at a competitive price. This high-quality, affordable garage carpet is designed to hide imperfections, offer insulation, and enhance safety, even under intensive everyday wear. GaragePro’s garage carpet stands up to the toughest conditions. Crafted from 100% polypropylene with UV stabilisers, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. While fewer alternatives exist, choosing GaragePro’s affordable yet superior garage carpet can prevent the potentially costly expense of repairing a failed installation.

Canterbury's Garage Carpet Experts

Our GaragePro team ensures that our garage carpet installation process complies with the AS/NZ 2455.1:2007 standards for floor coverings and installation. We specialise in garage carpet installations across Canterbury. GaragePro ensures quality workmanship by thoroughly preparing your garage floor surfaces, which prevents issues like carpet lifting and joins coming apart. GaragePro offers reliable installation services for all garage sizes across Canterbury.

Quality Garage Carpet from GaragePro

High-Quality Materials

We use only the finest materials to guarantee longevity and performance, and our team of garage carpet experts ensures quality workmanship. Our garage carpet is manufactured in Europe and crafted from durable fibres that withstand the most demanding garage environments.

Custom Fit and Installation

Our GaragePro experts provide custom fitting and professional garage carpet installation services to ensure a perfect fit for your garage. We handle everything from measurement to installation for a hassle-free process.

Eco-Friendly Options

We stand by the quality of our products with a comprehensive warranty. Rest easy knowing your investment is protected.

Comprehensive Warranty

We stand by the quality of our products with a comprehensive warranty. Rest easy knowing your investment is protected with our 5-year warranty, backed by the manufacturer.

Key Factors When Choosing Your Garage Carpet:

Garage Carpet Quality

All garage carpets are not the same. Many products that contain heavy metals and nasty chemicals are being offered. Our carpet carries international eco-certification.

Installation Quality

If you want a long-lasting solution the installation process needs to be done right. We are often called to fix lifting, frayed, poorly cut installations. GaragePro installs to the AS/NZS 2455.1:2007 standards for floor coverings. This includes ensuring the floor is correctly prepared to ensure a perfect bond with the carpet.

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Why Choose ProGroup?

At Pro Group NZ, we are a team of experienced professionals who specialise in garage carpet services for homes and businesses in Christchurch. We have the necessary expertise and equipment to properly install garage carpet, including experience with different types of flooring materials and adhesive techniques. 

In addition to our technical skills, we also prioritise excellent customer service. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your specific needs, and we offer flexible scheduling options to minimise any disruption to your daily routine. 

Choosing Pro Group NZ for your garage carpet needs means working with a dedicated and knowledgeable team that puts your satisfaction as our top priority. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your space.

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  • Does your garage carpet come in different colours?

    GaragePro only offers the best UV stable carpet. Due to the cost of the UV stabilisation process, manufacturers will only make UV stable products in colours that will sell in high volumes. For cost effective carpet, this limits the colour to the dark anthracite you will see in most garages. We do have a couple of different UV stable colour options but they are much more expensive due to the small production runs.

    Some companies offer multiple colours at a similar price to our carpet. The downside to these is that they have zero UV stability and therefore will fade quickly and degrade much faster than a UV stable product.

  • Is garage carpet mould and mildew-resistant?

    Purpose-made polypropylene garage carpet is 100% waterproof and, therefore, inherently mould and mildew resistant. Any moisture brought into the garage from vehicles will simply soak into the underlying concrete and evaporate.

  • What’s the average lifespan of garage carpet?

    This depends entirely on the carpet. Our Jazz 5000 UV carpet has been in the New Zealand market for 16 years with no recorded failures. Its 5000 hours of UV stabilisation ensures it is resistant to damage caused by intense UV. Many carpets on the market have little or no UV stabilisation as it is an expensive additive in the manufacturing process.

    GaragePro has been installing Jazz since 2013 and has never had a failure. We regularly come across other installations that require replacement after a few years due to the carpet breaking down, or because of poor installation practices.

  • Will installing garage carpet affect the resale value of my home?

    While some buyers may prefer a traditional concrete floor in the garage, others may see the added comfort and functionality of the carpet as a valuable feature. Ultimately, the impact on resale value will depend on market preferences and the property's overall condition.

  • Is garage carpet resistant to oil and other automotive fluids?

    Polypropylene garage carpet is resistant to most oil and other automotive fluids stains. However, cleaning up spills promptly is still essential to prevent damage to the glue that bonds the carpet to the floor.

  • How do I clean and maintain my garage carpet?

    Regular vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning with a mild detergent can help maintain the appearance and longevity of the garage carpet. Avoid harsh chemicals or steam cleaners, which can damage the carpet fibres.

  • Can I install the garage carpet myself, or do I need professional help?

    Professional installation for garage carpets is recommended to ensure proper fitting and longevity. Our garage carpet installs follow the New Zealand Standards for floor coverings (AS/NZ 2455.1 2007), including preparing the surface correctly to ensure successful bonding.

  • What type of material should I get for the best garage carpet?

    The most hardwearing garage carpet is made from polypropylene. Some cheaper carpets are made from polyester, but these are known to break down under heavy traffic. It is important that any carpet be UV stabilised to reduce the chance of fading and to prevent the breakdown of the fibres.

  • Do you install and service garage doors?

    Sorry no we do not. Our insulation and sealing products are retrofitted into existing doors.

  • Do you install garage carpet in other areas – carports, sleepouts, offices?

    Absolutely.  Garage carpet is perfect for any area that needs a robust surface. We do not recommend it for bedrooms or living areas as it does not have underlay installed with it.

  • What are your payment terms?

    These vary depending on the service.

    Typically lower value work requires full payment on completion. Product heavy work may require a deposit at time of quote acceptance, while longer term projects may require an initial deposit and progress payments along the way.

    The terms of your particular situation will be discussed at time of the quote so there will be no hidden surprises.

  • Do I need to already have a loft hatch in my ceiling?

    Not necessarily but this does make the installation easier. An existing hatch usually ensures there is enough height in the ceiling space to accommodate a loft ladder.

  • Are your ladders wooden or metal?

    We have chosen Sellwood's timber ladder range as they are much more comfortable to climb than aluminium.

  • Do the cabinets come pre-assembled?

    The Gladiator range of cabinetry comes flat-packed, but the Mancave Direct range is fully welded.

    Either way we can provide a quote to fully install your new storage system.

  • What can I hang on my garage wall?

    Pretty much anything. Our wall mounted hook and basket systems can carry a lot of weight so even bikes can hang on them.

    We have some neat packs of various hooks and baskets for particular applications such as gardening implements, sports gear, etc.

  • Will Cleverseal seals stop vermin from coming into my garage?

    Absolutely. Cleverseal was designed in Australia for this exact purpose - to keep creepie crawlies out.

    The brushes completely seal any gaps around the perimeter of the door. They will even stop drafts.

  • Are fusion tiles easy to install?

    Fusion tiles are designed to click together and simply rest on the floor surface. There is some skill involved in cutting the tiles to size around the perimeter. We are happy to provide a fully installed price.

  • What are the benefits of installing garage carpets?

    Garage carpets can provide insulation against cold floors, reduce noise, prevent slips and falls, and create a more comfortable environment for working on vehicles or exercising. Carpeting your garage can also create an additional living space for teenagers, or extended family to hang out.

  • Where is your garage carpet made?

    Our standard garage carpet Jazz 5000 UV is made by the Beaulieu Group in Belgium, one of the largest textile manufacturers in the world. It is the original top-quality garage carpet installed in millions of garages worldwide for the last 18 year, and is designed for full outdoor use. It is therefore widely used on boats, jetties, outdoor walkways, and public spaces.

    The manufacturing process involves four stages of blending the raw materials to ensure the best colour and shade consistency (most needlepunched carpet only go through 2 stage of blending). It is 100% polypropylene with 5000 hours of UV stabilisation - the highest on the market.

    Be careful of cheap Chinese polyester garage carpets with low, or no, UV stabilisation as they will break down quickly under New Zealand's harsh UV. Also compare the thickness and density of carpets being offered. Some garage carpets are practically transparent when held up to the light and are therefore not robust. We do have Chinese carpet available (for those that insist on odd colours), but this accounts for less than 1% of our installations.

  • Does the garage carpet come with a warranty?

    Yes, your newly-installed garage carpet comes with a lifetime zippering and de-lamination guarantee, plus a comprehensive colour-fast and manufacturing warranty for 5 years! Our garage carpet installation conforms to the AS/NZS 2455.1 2007 standard for floor coverings which confirms the sub-surface is prepared correctly and ensures a long-lasting fit.

  • Can I park my vehicle on my garage carpet?

    Yes, you can park vehicles on the garage carpet. However, it is recommended to use protective mats or trays under tyres and beneath areas prone to oil leaks to prevent damage to the carpet. Being a textile, the fibres under the vehicle’s wheels will flatten (just as your house carpet flattens under table or bed legs), but this is normal and will not shorten the garage carpet's lifespan.

  • Will the garage carpet have joins?

    Yes, the average double garage will have one or two joins. All of our joins are ‘double cut’ and glued and are almost invisible! It should be noted that due to manufacturing process, there may be a slight difference in shade between each strip of carpet. This is normal for synthetic carpets.

  • Can I use garage carpet in areas prone to flooding or high moisture?

    While garage carpets can withstand occasional spills and moisture and quickly dry out, they are not recommended for areas prone to flooding if your garage floods regularly. Leaving the raw concrete surface is best.

  • Does the door insulation add weight to the door?

    Yes, it adds up to 14kg to a double garage door. This will likely require the door to be adjusted to rebalance the pre-tensioning springs. We can arrange a technician to make the required adjustments to cater for the extra weight if necessary.

  • Where is your door insulation made?

    Our insulation is made specifically for us, in Auckland, from 100% recycled polyester.

  • Do you offer finance terms for your services?

    Yes - we offer a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option through our partners at Latitude Financial (Gem Visa). We offer interest free payment terms of 6 or 12 months (some fees, terms and conditions apply).

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