Showerdome® Installation

If you love a hot and steamy shower – and who doesn’t – misted mirrors could be the least of your problems. Filling your bathroom with warm, damp air every day can lead to mould, damage and even health problems. Keep your bathroom steam free with a GroutPro Showerdome® installation.

What is a Showerdome?

A Showerdome is a clear acrylic dome fitted to the top of your shower cubicle, preventing steam from escaping. Bathrooms in older homes don’t always have great ventilation – and not everyone likes to shower with the window open. Meanwhile, extractor fans consume energy and need maintenance.

Installing a Showerdome is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to free your bathroom of steam.

How Does a Showerdome Work?

A Showerdome keeps the moisture-laden air inside the cubicle with you. But that doesn’t mean you’re showering in a misty haze. Steam clouds only form when warm, moist air mixes with cooler air. A Showerdome not only keeps warm air in, but also cool air out. The result? No steam.

The warm air rises until it comes into contact with the acrylic surface, where the moisture condenses back into water and drips down into the cubicle. This is where the dome of Showerdome comes into play. Instead of dripping onto you, the condensation runs down the sides of the dome, away from the centre of the shower, before dripping back down. 


Because they don’t allow moisture to escape, GroutPro doesn’t recommend installing Showerdomes over tiled showers as containing the moisture increases the risk of mould growing in the grout and silicone. We recommend fitting an efficient extractor fan. If you’ve got an acrylic shower cubicle, a Showerdome is perfect.

Showerdome Benefits

But are Showerdomes any good? Could a Showerdome installation really make that much of a difference? The benefits of a Showerdome go far beyond making your extractor fan redundant.

Mist Free Mirrors and Dry Tiles

Moist air can’t escape from the cubicle, so your bathroom stays dry and your mirrors stay clear.

Reduce Energy Costs

Because the warm air stays inside the cubicle, you can run your shower at a lower temperature, using less hot water.

Prevent Mildew and Mould

In many bathrooms, the battle against mould and mildew is fought with harsh chemicals and regular tile cleaning. A Showerdome keeps your bathroom surfaces dry, depriving mould and mildew of the conditions they need to thrive.

No More Slip Hazards

It doesn’t take a lot for tiles to become slippery and dangerous. Reducing the moisture in the air also reduces the water on your tiles. 

Protect Your Bathroom Fittings and Decor

Over time, regular condensation can damage paintwork and warp wood. Plus, if your shower is in an ensuite bathroom, the moisture can escape into the bedroom, gradually damaging your carpets, bedding, clothes and other soft furnishings.

Showerdome Sizes and Shapes

Showerdomes come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit most home showers. The first step is identifying which Showerdome to install.

  1. Check the shape of your shower cubicle. Is it square, rectangular, triangular or curved?
  2. Measure the sides of the cubicle from inside the frame.
  3. Download and view the latest Showerdome shapes and sizes [pdf].
  4. Select the Showerdome that represents the closest fit to your cubicle.

To form a perfect seal, the correct size and shape will be custom cut to fit your cubicle during the Showerdome installation.

Why work with GroutPro?

Showerdomes are manufactured in New Zealand, with GroutPro an authorised installer for Showerdomes in NZ. Whether you’re in Christchurch, Auckland or anywhere in-between, GroutPro is your Showerdome installation specialist. Not sure which Showerdome is right for you? Our bathroom and tiling experts can advise you.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

Many factors impact the cost of a bathroom renovation, and it’s important to set boundaries with yourself as you consider your budget. By having a clear budget, you can make design decisions with confidence. How you distribute your budget will depend on your own needs and tastes, as well as what you are able to afford. 


Why Work With GroutPro?

If you’d like to spruce up your bathroom but would like to do so on a budget, speak to the GroutPro team. The above steps could save you from needing to fund a full bathroom renovation, as you make small and impactful changes instead. GroutPro is an experienced and reliable team of tile restoration specialists located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton and across New Zealand. Contact GroutPro today for more information.

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  • What should I clean my grout with?

    Unless your grout has been sealed properly there is nothing that will keep it clean. Many people resort to bleach or even acids to try and remove stains which will, in fact, damage the grout. GroutPro specialises in sealing the grout so that mild eco-friendly cleaners are all that is needed to keep it looking in tip top condition. If your grout is already stained we can recolour it and seal it with our Colourseal sealer.

  • How long does silicone stay mould free in a shower?

    There is no easy answer to this question as it comes down to your daily maintenance process. Moisture, heat, and soap residue are what mould thrives on, so in order to minimise growth we recommend ensuring a good extractor fan is used during showering, and that you wipe your shower dry after each use. This removes the conditions that mould needs to grow.
    We have found that silicone in a shower typically requires replacement every couple of years.

  • What kind of grout is best for a wet area such as a shower?

    Epoxy grout is recommended in wet areas as it is waterproof and much more resistant to staining. We regrout shower bases with Epoxy to provide the longest lasting solution. Grout on shower walls can be protected using our Colourseal grout sealer, which provides similar protection to Epoxy grout.

  • Can you fix a broken tile?

    This really depends on the extent of the damage. Small chips and cracks can be disguised so they are much less noticeable, but larger damage requires us to replace the tile.

  • Why can’t I get the water marks off my shower glass?

    Water spotting is caused my minerals such as calcium, lime, and iron in the water supply fusing to the microscopic pores of the glass. This happens when the water droplets are left on the glass after showering – the water evaporates leaving the minerals. Over time these minerals block the clarity of the glass. Specialist abrasive products (and a lot of elbow grease) are required to remove these minerals without damaging the glass. In most cases we can restore 80%-90% of the clarity, but occasionally the glass is unable to be restored.
    The best way to minimise water marks is to dry the glass after each use.

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