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Don’t take our word for it, let us show you some of the property renovation work we’re proud of. Whether it’s turning a dark & damp garage into a liveable space, getting your outdoor timber looking ‘good as new’, freshening up walls and tiles, or bringing new life to your lawn, The ProGroup gets the job done. Here’s how.

Emergency water supply – Auckland

Monday 15.Feb.2021

Many council authorities are now demanding that individual properties maintain a supply of fresh water for emergency events.

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Think you need to replace your bathroom? Think again!

Friday 04.Dec.2020

Before you spend thousands replacing your bathroom you need to see this.

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Giving some quality of life on the North Shore

Tuesday 17.Nov.2020

The finishing touches for a couple in their 90s.

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A bathroom refreshed in the Bay Of Plenty

Tuesday 27.Oct.2020

The cost to refurbish was a fraction of the cost of a new bathroom.

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Artificial grass on concrete on the Kapiti Coast

Monday 21.Sep.2020

We have a sheltered outdoor area that has a combination of timber decking and exposed aggregate concrete.

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No job too big or too small – New Zealand wide.

Monday 07.Sep.2020

5 car garage, or a makes no difference to us.

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Painted garage floors don’t work. Carpet for garages works.

Tuesday 01.Sep.2020

Painted garage floors look fantastic when they are new but they simply do not last.

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Our shower was disgusting.

Monday 17.Aug.2020

No amount of scrubbing would move what I thought was scum from the tiles or mould from the grout.

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