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Think you need to replace your bathroom? Think again!

Friday 04.Dec.2020

Before you spend thousands replacing your bathroom you need to see this.

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A bathroom refreshed in the Bay Of Plenty

Tuesday 27.Oct.2020

The cost to refurbish was a fraction of the cost of a new bathroom.

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Our shower was disgusting.

Monday 17.Aug.2020

No amount of scrubbing would move what I thought was scum from the tiles or mould from the grout.

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Were our tiles always this colour? – South Auckland

Friday 15.May.2020

We have lived in our home for fifteen years with a bunch of children and a variety of pets.

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A typical kitchen floor – Kapiti

Wednesday 13.May.2020

The problem with tiled floors is that grout is porous and in most cases the grout is never sealed when it is installed.

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Full Shower Refurbishment – Hamilton

Wednesday 13.May.2020

The warm, wet, organics laden environment of a shower is an ideal place for mould to grow, and mineral deposits in the water can etch the tiles and glass.

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