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Your deck is the place where you entertain guests or relax with a good book—as well as extending your house into the elements. Decks play a full-time role for your property, and can add significant value. To preserve the life of your deck, it’s important to protect it against adverse weather: this will allow you to feel comfortable, safe and proud of your home.

Deck&FencePro delivers specialist, high-end deck restoration; returning decks to almost good as new, no matter their style, structure, size or age.

Why does your deck need restoration?

With weathering and wear and tear, your deck can lose its visual appeal as well as its structural integrity. The causes of this damage vary, and are influenced by where in New Zealand you live, and what your deck experiences as a result.

Weathering and moisture

Decks can be damaged in all kinds of ways, but one constant and guaranteed form of damage, regardless of where you live, is weathering. All decks experience some interaction with the elements as it endures the outdoor conditions day and night, year upon year.

When this happens, rain and UV break down the surface of the wooden deck and it becomes porous, allowing water and moisture to creep in and quickly destroy the wood structure. Signs of this include soft areas of your deck, disparate colouring, or planks lifted from their base.

Sun damage

In New Zealand, we experience both extremes in temperatures and conditions: and unfortunately, so do our decks. Like water, the sun can slowly damage materials and cause a noticeable change in the colour of your deck, until it becomes pale and characterless.

Why restore your deck?

Restoring your deck to premium conditions allows you to make the ideal use of your space – but that’s only one reason why it’s a wise step. Let’s explore some of the other reasons.

Repair its lost strength

Restoring your deck while it’s still intact allows you to tackle the weak links and problematic areas early. Without restoring your deck, it can quickly become too late and turn a simple and cost-effective restoration project into a more significant and expensive deck building endeavour.

Enhance visual appeal

By re-staining old and worn deck planks, you can transform its appearance from pale and frail to inviting and strong. At Deck&FencePro, we create a deck refinishing that’s consistent, fresh and vibrant so homeowners can fall in love with their outdoor spaces again.

Increase the value of your home

It’s an easy equation to follow – increased protection and enhanced visual appeal result in added value to your overall property. We encourage our customers to think of deck repair and restoration as an investment – one that they can feel the payoff immediately at their next outdoor dinner!

Prevent weathering and rotting

As we explored above, the elements can strip away the staining and protection of your wooden deck. Deck restoration not only maintains this barrier; it keeps future moisture away. For homeowners in Auckland and across New Zealand, we provide deck restoration with regular maintenance built in.

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Deck restoration process

1. Get in touch

Once you get in touch with us, we’ll evaluate the conditions and details of your deck, send you an initial quote and book a time to execute the restoration as soon as you’d like. At this stage, our professionally trained specialists will run you through some of your options, and guide you on which oils and stains might suit you best.

2. We get to work

We’ll arrive promptly, tools in hand, on the day and time you booked. Firstly, our deck cleaning products and controlled pressure washing will remove previous coatings as well as mildew, dirt and moss. This will strip the deck back to its core timber. We then carefully and efficiently apply the premium stain or paint previously selected by you.

3. Safety and enviromental

Before we’re finished, we check in with you about the job to ensure you’re left feeling happy with the result. We’ll then tidy up everything and return your outdoor furniture to how it was when we arrived: just with renewed, beautiful decking.

Why choose Deck&FencePro?

As well as transforming decks to refreshing and stunning conditions, we’re also in the business of transforming your perception of contractors.

Instead of being let down by timings, delays and over-quotes, Deck&FencePro is driven to finish every project when we say we will. We provide affordable quotes to build long-term relationships with our customers. We’re also forward-thinking in our material selection and adoption of emerging technology: whether it’s a louvred roof pergola, artificial grass installation or deck cleaning and restoration, you’ll always know you’re receiving the best on the market. Contact Deck&FencePro for a free quote today.

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  • Why does my Kwila deck have splinters?

    Hardwoods such as Kwila come from tropical climates that have a lot of moisture in the air that makes the timber less likely to dry out and splinter. New Zealand’s harsh climate and intense sun quickly dries out the timber causing it to splinter, and Kwila is the most susceptible to this.

    We recommend maintaining new Kwila decks by an annual application of linseed oil stain that will nourish the timber and stop it drying out.

    There is very little that can be done to fix Kwila that has already dried out and splintered, short of replacing the boards. Because of this, Kwila is becoming less popular as a decking timber with other hardwoods such as Vitex and Garapa becoming more popular.

  • How do I maintain my restored deck, fence, door, or furniture?

    A wood stain generally requires a top up coat every 12-18 months to replenish the nourishing oils and UV blockers. We can arrange an on-going maintenance schedule with you following the restoration process that will include a light clean followed by a recoat of the wood stain. In between scheduled maintenance, a mild detergent is all that is needed to remove any bird droppings or spills, and a spray with a moss and lichen inhibitor during winter can also help. It is important to not use harsh deck cleaning agents that may remove the oils contained in the stain. Painted surfaces generally last longer than stained ones but are more susceptible to abrasion.

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