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A new deck or fence is a great way to improve the overall functionality and aesthetics of your home, as well as increase the property’s value. However, most builders are occupied with house-building projects, keeping them busy. Pro Group are the experts that you can rely on for new decks and fence construction and builds in most areas across New Zealand. Our expert new deck and fence builders have extensive experience constructing and installing new decks and fences across New Zealand with quality workmanship guaranteed. We make it our priority to deliver you a reliable and prompt new deck and fence-building service that will last!

Types of Hardwood Used for New Decks and Fences

New decks can be constructed and finished with pine, Kwila or other hardwoods, or the newer Composites (timber particles and resin combined to give a weather-resistant finish), and fences can be traditional timber or prefabricated systems made from many types of materials.

Composite and Aluminium Decking and Fencing

We have partnered with Urban Group to supply and install their range of Stabiwood composite decking and fencing and their aluminium fencing systems. Composite and aluminium make for a great alternative to wooden decking and fencing options as they are more resistant to natural elements such as harsh weather, rot and insects that can damage the infrastructure. Composite and aluminium decking and fencing are also virtually maintenance-free, lasting a lifetime. They also come in amazing designs and colours, some of which can mimic the texture and aesthetics of wood.

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Why choose Deck&FencePro?

Deck and Fence Pro are seasoned industry players in the construction of new decks and fences in households all across New Zealand. Our deck and fence expert builders ensure you quick and reliable services with quality workmanship guaranteed. For all of your decking and fencing solutions, look no further than Deck and Fence Pro. Contact us today for a quote!

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  • Should I stain or paint my new deck?

    We strongly recommend avoiding painting your deck. Decks are subjected to very harsh conditions, from intense sun in the summer, to long period of standing water in the winter. And they are constantly being abraded by foot traffic, furniture being dragged across the surface, etc. There are no paints that will withstand this treatment, and painted decks deteriorate very quickly.

    Another consideration is that once painted, you cannot change to stain down the track. There is no practical way to remove the paint well enough to allow an oil stain to penetrate the timber. When we come across painted decks for restoration, our only option is to clean and repaint, and advise the homeowner that this process will need to be repeated quite regularly.

    You must however protect your deck from the elements, and the best product for that is a good quality linseed oil based stain that has UV protection in it. If you do not do this the timber will turn grey within 6 months, and mould will start to take hold.


  • Can I stain or paint my new deck straight away?

    New outdoor timber generally has a high moisture content, so it is recommend not to coat it with stain or paint for a few months to allow it to dry out. If it is coated too early the product may not penetrate or bond very well. Typically we say leave it 3-6 months.

  • What timber should I build my new deck with?

    This really come down to your budget.

    Pine is by far the cheapest and most common option and is treated against rotting. It can be stained to look like kwila or another shade of your choice.

    Hardwoods such as Kwila, Garapa, and Vitex are not treated and will deteriorate quickly if they are not protected by some sort of preservative.

    All timbers will turn grey within about 6 month if they are not regularly treated with a UV resistance product.

    Composite decking has become more prevalent which uses compressed timber fibres and synthetic resins. These are usually made in specific colours and should not fade or deteriorate for many years - making them as close to maintenance free as possible.

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