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Inspiration posts in “GroutPro”

Renovate your bathroom for sale

Wednesday 16.Sep.2020

When it comes to selling your home it is kitchens and bathrooms that make or break a deal.

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I have efflorescence on my tiles. What is it?

Friday 14.Aug.2020

Efflorescence is a common problem in tiled wet areas such as showers and outdoor patios.

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Help. The baby is crawling and our floor tiles are filthy.

Wednesday 01.Jul.2020

Traditional mopping with a bucket of floor detergent simply moves dirty water from one part of the floor to another.

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Why does silicone go mouldy in my shower?

Friday 15.May.2020

The silicone sealant in the corners of your shower requires periodic replacement due to the harsh environment.

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What Buyers are Looking for in a Kitchen

Wednesday 13.May.2020

You may be selling your home but your kitchen’s not new – it doesn’t need to be!

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Five Tips for Looking after Your Beautiful Tiled Shower

Wednesday 13.May.2020

Did you think that when you installed your tiled shower it would be maintenance free?

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